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March 2009

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  • Editorial
  • About EFG
  • The Europeana Jigsaw
  • Copyright term extension for sound recordings
  • Unique agreement between Dutch libraries and right holders
  • Treasures from the Archives
  • Film Restoration Summer School / FIAF Summer School 2009
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  • Editorial

    Welcome to the first issue of the European Film Gateway newsletter! This newsletter aims to inform partners and professionals from the film heritage sector as well as the wider Europeana network about topics and events related to the EFG project.


    Within the three year phase of the EFG project five newsletters will be produced and circulated biannually. We will keep you updated on public outcomes of the project, upcoming events as well as the latest developments concerning Europeana, the multimedia portal and flagship project of the European Commission.


    The treasures held in Europe’s film archives form the centre of all EFG activities. Therefore, we will regularly highlight one or more exceptional collections, restoration projects or other important initiatives ensuring that the endangered heritage can be enjoyed by future generations.


    We hope you enjoy reading!

    Your EFG team

    About EFG

    Aim of the EFG project is to build a web portal with direct access to over 700.000 objects including films, photos, posters, drawings, sound and text material. The project started with an inaugural meeting on 21 September 2008 bringing together representatives from the 20 partner institutions, including 14 film archives and cinémathèques of the EFG consortium. Working groups were formed to tackle the main challenges of the three year project:


    The Europeana Jigsaw

    Europeana.eu, Europe’s cultural heritage portal has been launched in November 2008, offering free and fast access to about 3,5 million  books, maps, photographs, films, recordings and archival documents. More than 1.000 libraries, museums, archives and audiovisual archives from all across Europe provided digitised items for the virtual library, some of which are world famous, other hidden treasures.

    But this is just the beginning: Europeana Version 1.0 is being developed and will launch in 2010 with links to about 10 million digital objects.


    Copyright term extension for sound recordings

    On Monday, 23 March 2009, the European Parliament (EP) was supposed to vote on a Directive extending the term of copyright for sound recordings from 50 to 95 (or 70) years. The vote has now been postponed until the end of April 2009.


    Unique agreement between Dutch libraries and right holders

    On 29 January, the alliance of Dutch library organisations (FOBID) reached a breakthrough agreement with right holders (VOI©E) on the digitisation and accessibility of their collections within the Digiti©E Committee (Digitisation of Cultural Heritage).


    Treasures from the Archives

    © "Cinémathèque française, photo Stéphane Dabrowski"

    La Cinémathèque Française :
    Unique collection of Laterna Magica slides available online


    The Cinémathèque Française holds an exceptional collection of 17.000 magic lantern slides from the 18th century to 1920, which archivists of the Cinémathèque as well as several private collectors have assembled since 1936. Two important collections are now available online: the 'Life Models' series containing colourised photographic slides as well as hand painted large scale slides from the Royal Polytechnic Institution.


    © Hyppolit the Butler pictures: "Hungarian National Film Archive"

    Magyar Nemzeti Filmarchívum - Hungarian National Film Archive: The Rescue of "Hyppolit, the Butler"


    Shot and premiered in 1931, "Hyppolit, the Butler", an immortal piece of Hungarian film history, reaping success in Hungary and abroad over decades, has been restored and saved for posterity with the support of the Hungarian Development Bank.


    Film Restoration Summer School / FIAF Summer School
    19 May to 17 July 2009

    The Film Restoration Summer School 2009 is dedicated to train staff working in film archives and students in restoration and preservation of film heritage. Cineteca del Comune di Bologna has designed the training programme in cooperation with the Association des Cinémathèques Européennes (ACE) and the Fédération Internationale des Archives du Film (FIAF).


    In brief

    IRIS Report

    The European Audiovisual Observatory (EAO) has published a report 'Searching for Audiovisual Content'.

    Read more:



    65th FIAF congress, 24-30 May 2009, Buenos Aires

    At the annually congress, FIAF archivists and external participants have the possibility to share experiences and exchange information. The 2009 symposium is dedicated to: “The Cinémathèques in search of their new audiences”.


    Libraries create futures: Building on cultural heritage, 75th IFLA General Conference, 23-27 August 2009: Milan, Italy
    Library research and outcomes in Information Technology and Innovation are presented in a multi-disciplinary international forum.
    Read more:



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